The Best Intermediate Web Dev Course
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The Best Intermediate Web Dev Course

The Best Intermediate Web Dev Course
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Are you trying to learn web development, but beginner courses are too easy for you, and creating your own project is daunting? Well, if you know the fundamentals of JavaScript, I have the right course for you. And, it's free.

The course's name is Full Stack Open. It is offered for free by the University of Helsinki, the same university that Linus Torvalds graduated from. The course assumes some programming knowledge as stated on the front page.

Participants are expected to have good programming skills, basic knowledge of web programming and databases, and to know the basics of working with the Git version-control system. You are also expected to have perseverance and the ability for independent problem solving and information seeking.

If you are not sure that you have the prerequisite knowledge, this free course will introduce you to some things you should know about JavaScript before starting. But Full Stack Open does give you a review of almost everything you should know before starting so if you have some programming knowledge you should just start.

The course is amazing. They give you real-world tasks. You're also going to learn testing, TypeScript, GraphQL. At the end there is a React Native section, that will teach you how to create iOS and Android apps with a single codebase, using JavaScript and React.

I have done most of this course, and I can say it is phenomenal. They don't hold your hand as much, they send you to read documentation, which is what actual developer jobs are like. So if you are stuck in the intermediate stage of web development, or in tutorial hell, this is the course for you.