Python for Data Science and Machine Learning by Jose Portilla - Course Review
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Python for Data Science and Machine Learning by Jose Portilla - Course Review

Python for Data Science and Machine Learning by Jose Portilla - Course Review

Recently I finished the Udemy course Python for Data Science and Machine Learning that is taught by Jose Portilla. I was pretty impressed with it, so I decided to write a review for it.

A quick spoiler before we dive in: If you are on the verge of taking this course, do it.

The Instructor and Target Audience

The instructor is Jose Portilla, an experienced Data Scientist, who also has a knack for teaching. He speaks very clearly, even on 2x speed I was able to understand everything, also explains stuff in a very understandable manner. Easily one of the best instructors I've come across on Udemy.

The course is targeted towards anyone who is interested in Machine Learning and Data Science. Beginner, intermediate or advanced, you will be able to keep up with this course and learn something new. There is a Python Crash Course included in the beginning so even if you've never programmed in Python, the course will get you up to speed.


The course is divided into many sections, including Data Analysis with NumPy and Pandas, Data Visualisation with Matplotlib and Seaborn. It also includes many exercises and fun projects at the end of each module for you to apply your newly learned skills. The section on Machine Learning is pretty huge too, from the simplest algorithms like Linear Regression to Support Vector Machines. The algorithms are explained from scratch, and then you get to work with them and apply them to real datasets. Now, the course doesn't go into too much details about each algorithm, but it follows a book which does, so the instructor gives you optional reading material after each section. The last sections are also pretty good, which include areas like Big Data, Spark and Deep Learning with TensorFlow.


I can write about this course as much as I want, but I wanted to give you a quick review so you can decide if it is for you. The course shines in almost every way, and I can say it is probably one of the best Udemy courses I've ever taken. The course goes on sale pretty frequently, so if you catch it on a sale I think it's definitely worth the money, hell, even if it's not a sale. This course took me from stuck in tutorial hell to actually being able to do Data Science. If you are losing your direction in your learning, and don't know where to go, I would advise you to take this course. It will make you apply your skills to real world datasets, and you'll come out a better and more confident Data Scientist.

A disclaimer: This course will not, nor does it declare that it will make you a full-blown Data Scientist. It will give you a good direction and foundation to set you on the path of becoming a successful Data Scientist.

Have you taken this course? Did you like it? Let me know what you think in the comments!