Monthly Favorites for August 2021
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Monthly Favorites for August 2021

Monthly Favorites for August 2021
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Here are my favorites from the past month.

App - Uptime

This is an app similar to Blinkist. I’m not sure how many of you have heard of Blinkist, but I think it is quite popular lately, with all the ads around. But, yeah, basically, this app is for book summaries in the shortest time possible. This is sometimes great if you want to see if a book is worth reading or buying, and for some books, it can give a pretty good kind of in a nutshell summary. So for example, the other day I got this summary about how we predict the weather and the rain, and even though that’s not a book I would read it was pretty fun to read the summary of it. It was interesting and had just enough information. The reason I prefer Uptime to Blinkist is that Uptime makes the summaries shorter and since I am not a subscriber yet, I rely on the daily random pick, and for some reason, Uptime gives me better and more curated choices in the random pick, I don’t know if that makes sense. But yeah, sometimes if I don’t like the random pick from Uptime I just head over to Blinkist and hope I find something better. I am still considering subscribing, I just haven’t made my mind up yet.

Book - Show Your Work by Austin Kleon

A book that I ran into while looking into how to start a newsletter. And this book really changed my mindset on how to approach getting out there and showing your work. I used to think I have to be able to do amazing things to be able to teach other people, or have amazing video editing skills to create videos, but actually, this book teaches that by sharing your work or documenting anything that you’ve done you are sort of helping people out, giving out some value. Basically, after reading this book I set up my blog. And as the book says, there isn’t anything to be afraid of, and sharing your work with the world, especially if it brings value to people is always going to be a good thing. So yeah, I would really recommend this book, no matter what you are trying to do, or if you are a painter or artist or whatever, and I am positive you will love it.

Podcast - No Such Thing as a Fish

I haven’t been listening to podcasts much, but I can’t stop listening to this one. It’s hosted by four people, Dan, Anna, James and Andrew. Each week in this podcast, they go around the table and just tell a completely random fact, about literally anything, and then they go on to talk about it. For example, they talked about how the Dalai Lama is frightened of caterpillars supposedly, or that until 1858 all British passports were written in French. And then they go on and talk more about these facts, elaborating, telling similar facts. The episodes are about 30 min to 1 hour long, but they are always really fun to listen to. In terms of how I listen to podcasts, I usually prefer Overcast, which is an app for both Android and iOS, and it’s a really nice app with a great interface and some useful stuff for podcasts. But of course, you can listen to them on Spotify or Apple Podcasts, totally up to you.

Wrap Up

So we talked about three of my favourite things from the previous month. We talked about an app, Uptime, for reading or listening to book summaries. A book, Show Your Work, and a podcast called No Such Thing As A Fish. And this monthly favorites thing sounds like a good thing to do since I do consume a lot of content generally, and if I have a video to make about, it might make me reflect better on what I’ve consumed during the last month, and also share stuff that I find interesting with you guys. So, I hope you found this interesting, that you discovered something.